Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bernard Wrigley

Bernard Wrigley said...
This is Bernard Wrigley. My LP is still for sale, along with its follow-up "Rough & Wrigley" both remastered & available on one CD with all Bert Lloyd's original notes for £10 - incl postage to anywhere in the world.

Before you put content up for downloading take the trouble to seek the performer's website. Googling my name reveals where all my albums are available to sample as well as buy.

As I own the copyright to these Topic masters kindly remove from downloading. Any profit you have made will be gratefully and rightly received by me.

Bernard Wrigley on THTM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is understandable, but a shame that the artist should be so ungracious in the way that he words it. If he took the trouble to read the blog he would realise that this is a place for people to discover his music for the first time. Having read his comments, I for one won't be buying his CDs!

30 May, 2009 21:41  
Anonymous Bertil said...

I cannot see anything ungracious in Bernard Wrigley's polite and reasonable request. As regards "Anonymous" not buying his CDs, you probably would't have done so in any case which makes it a rather an idle threat or a futile protest.

31 May, 2009 00:47  
Blogger Unknown said...

i agree completely...i hope mr wrigley doesn't bother wasting his time trying to get the 20p owing to him in royalties from THTM...idiot.

31 May, 2009 00:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair deals I've never heard of the bloke and probably never will now but Profit ha ha ha - what sort of world are these people living in are they so out of touch and imagine that everything in this world changes hands for money rather than just for the love of it

31 May, 2009 01:29  
Blogger Siobhán Long's sister said...

Since most of the people who visit this site are thieves (and the site's owner is Fagin) I don't see why Bernard should be insulted for demanding that his recordings are removed. Poster James really does need to go outdoors occasionally.

31 May, 2009 02:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really intrigues me, not withstanding I respect the artists rights, is what objectors are doing on sites/blogs/forums like this in the first place.

There are so many of them that it would take a dedicated investigator a life time to track down a particular artists links.

Or is it that they, are quite happy to d/l other artists work, whilst protecting their own.

To be perfectly honest, I probably purchase approximately 1 CD a month,after being impressed by an artist (that I have never previously heard of)on the internet.

Maybe that's part of the problem, their egos won't let them acknowledge that the great majority of us normal, ordinary people have never heard of some of them. And therefor would not (a). find their website if they have one, and (b). Buy an unrecognised album from a unrecognised artist.

Kepp upthe good work Lizardson

31 May, 2009 07:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizardson has done the right thing, as always, in deleting the link upon the quite proper request of the artist. But I can understand why he didn't look too hard for the 'phenomenal' Mr Wrigley's work on the internet. After that first record, 1971, I'm surprised there was another, let alone a career. I listened to a couple of tracks and then deleted him from my collection forever. That's my 20p worth.

31 May, 2009 10:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to 'Bertil', in fact I have lost count of how many CDs I have bought in response to hearing an artist for the first time through this blog. I didn't download the Bernard Wrigley album because it didn't look too interesting. Having now visited his site and listened to a sample -I was right!

31 May, 2009 18:49  
Anonymous btlfan said...

he has a right to have his music removed but i'm not sure why it was posted to start with. really nothing special at all. i wouldn't waste time d/L any of it

01 June, 2009 00:47  
Anonymous robert said...

If an artist, especially one who owns the rights to a particular release, doesn't want it distributed for free, it's his or her perfect right to ask for it to be removed. Artists such as Wrigley don't make much money from their work; it's not our place to begrudge him that.

I have no problem either with the request or the way it's worded...

01 June, 2009 06:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody can contest a man who recorded albums to stay totally UNKNOWN.
A man is totally free to wake up every morning and contemplate the albums nobody bought.
Personnally I found an use for covers of old nullity albums:plates to eat my chorizo pizza.
This comment is certainly a total nullity but I hope it doesn't reach bw talent level.
Anonymous of course because I had never time and talent to record something.

01 June, 2009 17:12  
Anonymous paul601 said...

Bernard Wrigley was a very popular and accomplished performer in the thriving folk club scene in the north west of England during the early 1970s. His style and humour is very regional and not surprisingly is unlikely to be to everyone's taste. He may be unrecognised to many but for some of us, of a certain age and upbringing, he is clearly recognisable through his music, jokes and acting.

Yours sincerely

Bernard's Dad

02 June, 2009 22:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What really intrigues me, not withstanding I respect the artists rights, is what objectors are doing on sites/blogs/forums like this in the first place.

There are so many of them that it would take a dedicated investigator a life time to track down a particular artists links.

Or is it that they, are quite happy to d/l other artists work, whilst protecting their own."
Ever heard of Google?You guys may not like when an artist asserts his copyright. But it's pretty lowbrow to talk down to them like this when they do.

03 June, 2009 06:57  
Anonymous record melter said...

wrigley , wrigley wrigley? now where did I hear that name? oh I know wrigley's spearmint gum. whew

03 June, 2009 09:30  
Anonymous matt milton said...

what a snide and blinkered bunch of comments.

It doesn't matter how he worded what he said. The fact is, NOBODY ASKED his permission to put his music up. Surely not asking at all is, de facto, infinitely less courteous than brusquely asking for it to be taken down.

Frankly, he could have said "take down my f**king music now, you bunch of c**ts" and he'd still have been being more politie than the uploader of his music, who just went ahead.

I notice that, for all the much-bandied-about "respect" and "gratitude" that listeners here are forever trumpeting, neither Lizardson or anybody else ever posts any links to, say, an artist's website or Paypal site.

03 June, 2009 21:20  
Anonymous matt milton said...

just to hammer the point home, this site's professed aim of "saving long forgotten and underrated musicians" would be a lot more convincing if posts were accompanied by a "please visit www.paypal.whoevertheartistinquestionis and give them some money". Or even, perish the thought, contacting the musicians in question and pointing out how easy setting up a paypal account is, if they haven't got one. But, call me cynical, I can't see that happening in a blue moon: that would take too much precious downloading-albums-for-free time.

03 June, 2009 21:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm agreeing with the first poster - it's quite a disappointment that Bernard feels the need to be so ungracious in his stance. Were it not for this site I would never have discovered scores of artists and hidden gems, so his comments don't exactly endear himself to me. It's fine if he's choosing to have a go at any old Tom, Dick or Harry but to have a pop at a site that's shown such passionate dedication to raising the profile of folk music shows a lack of vision from Mr Wrigley. Well, let's leave him to his bit-part cameos in Heartbeat and The Royal - surely the pinnacle of anyone's artistic career.

03 June, 2009 21:57  
Anonymous Ben said...

This is an old argument, which has been rehearsed on this blog some time ago with respect to Nic Jones.

If an album is out of print, or has never been relased on CD, that strikes me as okay to post. personally, I have downloaded so much music from this site - much of which I bought on vinyl many years ago - especially the wonderful and irreplaceable Young Tradition - that my quality of life has been improved immeasurably.

But when I found this discussion about Nic I did the decent thing, as I hope others did, and wrote to Nic enclosing payment for the CDs. He sent a most gracious reply and I felt good, and, I hope Nic did too.

So, to Matt Dillon, I would say that yes, indeed, Lizardson does accept posts that direct people to the artists' websites - and there is a whole bunch of links to artists down the right hand side of the fron page of this blog.

I guess that if I had worked hard all my life trekking between small clubs playing to 20 or 30 people (I once saw John Spiers and Jon Boden playing to exactly 18 people and one dog) I might not be very happy if my life's work were made available for free. On the other hand if I had worked hard all my life trekking between small clubs playing to 20 or 30 people I might be VERY happy if my life's work were made available for free if it resulted in 10 extra sales of my CD so that folks could get the recording details/lyrics/more details, etc.

So, you pays your money and you takes your choice.... Bernard is quite within his rights to ask for his music to be removed, but I do think it's a little churlish of anonymous correspondents to disrespect the guy's music. You may not like it guys, but hell, it's a lot better than anything I could produce! So it's not for me to disrespect him or his songs.

Peace & love to you all!
All best

04 June, 2009 05:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair doozie to Bernard Wrigley. However, I'd never heard of him before I read this blog, and, despite being intrigued by what I've read here, I doubt I'll ever be hearing his music, thanks to the fact that I'd have to spend a tenner on a leap of faith. -- Murf

05 June, 2009 08:45  
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