Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rosemary Haddad

"Coming Hohm" 1975

Rosemary Haddad's Coming Hohm is described by one of the reviewers on the Acid Archives site as "one of the best hippie commune albums" and I'd have to agree. Great psych-folk with a joyous message. Some of it sounds like it could be Christian but at other times it's definitely Hindu and all of it is infused with a hippie sensibility that keeps it from ever sounding dogmatic. In the end the message is not so important as the delivery, and Haddad is spot-on with her vocals while still coming off as an amateur, interested in the joy of the experience rather than trying to sell records. Some fine flute, acoustic guitar, and percussion compliment her songs. : ~


Side 1
Coming Hohm
It's alright now
Spiritual Slavery
The Nest
The Great Siddha

Side 2
I am the Lord
Steady in the Flow
Lady Kali
Sing with your Heart
The Kitchen Floor Song


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you should thank Max, who actually ripped the album?

24 August, 2008 15:09  
Blogger Unknown said...

One of the best hippie commune albums. Rosemary even includes a photo of her guru on the back cover. Rather than being new agey dullness like, say, The Oneness Space, this music is strong folk-rock with Rosemary's lovely voice to the forefront. She seems truly at peace with her lifestyle; the album has a comforting vibe to it. Some of the songs are only OK, but the album ends with a bang. The last two songs are the fantastic "Kitchen Floor Song," full of purposely funny pseudo-psychology and chaotic backing vocals, and the utterly gorgeous reprise of the title song. [AM] : ~ Acid Archives

The guru of the Hohm Commune is Lee Lozowick, and I found these tracks on his MySpace.

1. Past is Past
2. Please
3. She Said
4. Survival
5. You
6. Philosophise

112 kbps

As good as you could hope for from an alchemist/guru, sounds a bit like TVZ - but I was more impressed with his band (very tight) and his female back-up singers; worth a listen.

Lee Lozowick is an alchemist songwriter, poet and author who combines down-to-earth lyrics with rousing performances to move audiences from all walks of life. Based in Arizona, he is the lead singer for the European band The Lee Lozowick Project, as well as the American blues group, SHRI. He has been hitting the road for 20 years, playing all the independent American and European blues and rock venues.
The Lee Lozowick Project has put out 2 solo albums with his own original lyrics, produced and composed by Paul Durham of the renowned American rock group Black Lab, as well as 2 albums recorded live on tour in Europe and India.
Lee learned the ropes as lyricist and singer with the rock group Liars, Gods and Beggars (LGB) that he created in 1981 and with whom he toured for 12 years. The group had self-produced and distributed ten thousand albums by the time it disbanded in 1999.
Starting in 1989, Lee also toured in Europe, playing at the Hamburg, Berlin, and Magdeburg festivals.
Encouraged by fans and musicians to perform his own lyrics in a new music project, The Lee Lozowick Band formed in 2006 and now hosts its own annual European Tour. : ~

07 September, 2008 20:52  

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