Sunday, June 29, 2008

by Brian Andrew Marek #8

A Full Moon Consort "The Men in the Moon"

Here's a platter of plastic I thought I'd rip and share for its sheer obscurity. A Full Moon Consort were apparently based in my hometown of St. Louis, MO, with the record being released on Cleveland, Ohio's Midwest Records, "a product of Belkin/Maduri Productions". It was recorded in December of 1976 and the label shows a copyright of 1977, but the back cover claims 1978. A large number of still-sealed copies started showing up in local used record stores sometime in the 1990's, with University City's Vintage Vinyl giving them away for free!

I'd characterize the sound as 1970's soft rock with mild progressive overtones and, perhaps, a hint of Steely Dan (the intro of track 3 suggests that they were going back, Jack, and doing it again). Nothing hugely memorable in my estimate, but it's remarkably embarrassment-free for its era and, miracle of miracles, in an age where everybody else was starting to use those godawful bland string synthesizers, these guys stayed true to their Mellotrons (though they coulda given 'em a lot more prominence).

I dedicate this rip to the private pressing/small label obsessives - enjoy!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

02 July, 2008 07:16  
Blogger Unknown said...

Full Moon Consort featured the late Chuck Sabatino (vocals, flute, keyboards), Joe Marshall (guitar), Steve Strayhorn (drums), Joe Truttman (bass) and Dave Timmermann (keyboards, sax, and flute). The band grew out of Jake Jones, which grew out of Truth, which was the name which that band used to record for Chess Records, which would not release their material under the band's original name, Acid Set (Joe and Bill Marshall, Ed Jenny, Jan Marks, et. al).

I don't know whether the two Jake Jones albums, one of which was recorded in the Magic Valley studios in Carbondale, IL, ever made it onto the CD format, but it would be great to hear them thus.

There's a Wikipedia entry on Full Moon Consort.

Around the time of the Tet Offensive, when I wasn't baling hay or sitting in a lifeguard stand, I roadied for some of these guys.

Thanks for putting up this music. They (especially Joe Marshall) pretty much set the pace, as far as 60s-70s St. Louis rock was concerned.

03 July, 2008 00:11  
Blogger 24hrdejavu said...

Thanks for the Full Moon Consort Lp
I have been searching for it for a while now and I too grew up in the St Louis area. Used to see a band called the Del-Rays at the Collinville Park on Friday night. Micheal McDonald from the Doobies played with them for a short time. Full Moon Consort alawya intrigued me because KSHE used to promote them alot
Thanks again

16 July, 2008 22:14  
Blogger moxnix said...

this has turned into one of my favorites, wanted to thank you for introducing me to this chestnut!

10 September, 2008 18:56  
Blogger Unknown said...

Another KSHE classic! - Much obliged!

27 January, 2009 17:26  
Blogger Ovid said...

Hello, Billy Bondeal,

Just a little FYI: Both released Jake Jones records were recorded at Technosonic studio in Brentwood Mo.

The original lineup of The Acid SETTE
included Calvin Smith who was later replaced by Ed Jenny. I used to sit in on some of their practices when Rick was late or couldn't make it. That was before their public debut at the Castaway Club. Those were some fun days!


04 April, 2009 12:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you still have a copy of this available? I'm trying to find it on CD or mp3 somewhere

27 December, 2018 06:57  

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