Sunday, March 11, 2007

Presented by panos1

This is moving hearts! i dont know the way to post in your site so take a look here get it and then you can post it if you like!
I found about 30 albums i was desperately looking for in vinyl in great shape!so i started immiadely!i rip them of in 256k!
I split them in 3 selfetracted rars so if you like get the first one listen to the first songs and then decide if you want the rest!

"Moving Hearts" 1981 [Vinyl rip, 256kbps]

panos1: A brilliant irish rock folk!extremely beautiful acoustic guitaristic riffs!
Listen to Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian roulette AND you will understand me!

Together for only four years, Moving Hearts had a profound effect on the development of modern Celtic music. One of the first Irish folk bands to use electric instruments, after Horslips, Moving Hearts took a high-energy approach to their tradition-rooted music. Recalling an early appearance by the band, Q magazine wrote, "saw them in Dublin, must have been 1982, and they just blew me apart...they're a sort of Celtic Little Feat." The original lineup of Moving Hearts united some of Ireland's best musicians. Multi-instrumentalist Donal Lunny and singer, guitarist, and songwriter Christy Moore had previously played together in Planxty. Guitarist Declan Sinnott had produced and arranged material for such Celtic performers as Mary Black and Sinéad Lohan. Dublin piper Davy Spillane had performed with Horslips. Within a few months, the band was joined by saxophonist Keith Donald, a veteran session player and a member of such jazz bands as Jim Doherty's Spon and Noel Kelehan's Quintet. Moving Hearts was rounded out by drummer Brian Calman and bassist Eoghan O'Neill. Although the original band performed together for two years, the departure of Calman over "musical differences" signaled the first of several personnel changes. Following the release of the group's second album, Dark End of the Street, Moore left to pursue a solo career and was replaced by vocalist Mick Hanley. After recording one album with the band Live Hearts Hanley was replaced by female vocalist Flo McSweeney. The changes continued, however. By the time that they recorded their final album, Moving Hearts had become an all-instrumental unit. Politics played an important role in Moving Hearts' repertoire. The struggles of hunger strikers and the impoverished in Northern Ireland were addressed through such songs as "Landlord" and "On the Blanket," while the proliferation of nuclear weaponry was reflected in such tunes as "Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian Roulette" and an emotional interpretation of Jackson Browne's "After the Deluge." Moving Hearts was featured as the backup band on Van Morrison's 1985 album, A Sense of Wonder. In the aftermath of Moving Hearts' breakup, several members went on to perform in the cast of Bill Whelan's musical production, Riverdance. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guidee

Christy Moore - well-known balladeer, formerly of Planxty
Donal Lunny - Irish producer/musician, formerly of Planxty and the Bothy Band
Declan Sinnott - guitarist
Keith Donald - jazzy saxophonist
Eoghan O'Neill - bass player
Davy Spillane - pipe player, now a well-known solo performer
Brian Calnan - rock-influenced drummer

Producer: Donal Lunny
Engineer: Andrew Boland, Cathy Considine, Kevin Moloney, Pearce Dunne

o Hiroshima Nagasaki Russian roulette
o Irish ways and Irish laws
o McBride's
o Before the deluge
o Landlord
o Category
o Faithful departed
o Lake of shadows
o No time for love


Blogger panos1 said...

Its my pleasure to post gems!they way you do it for so long and gave me plenty music lessons!

I have also upload these albums and i will add about 30 of different kind of music!unforunately i am so slow so be patient!

Th albums are

City-am foenster

[An ex DDR group which had a great success with the selftitle song by playing a mix of rock and violin solos[AMAZING violin player]

Nova-wing of love

[melodic jazz rock fusion with progressive elements]

Zanov-moebius 256/301

[The edgar froese of france!if you like tangerine dream is very good]

I know this style is far from the style you use to post here but...they are so rare and good so if you like as the ancient greeks said'"first listen to me then beat me[ignore]

Best regards from greece!thanks for the music!

11 March, 2007 20:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a must have. Listen to what they do with Faithful Departed ( written by Philip Chevron, latterly of The Pogues, in his Radiators days)and then listen to their grandiose but not pompous rendering of Before The Deluge. Thanks a whole bunch.

12 March, 2007 02:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember them well brilliant band live, with more posts like this you'll have lots of friends for life, great blog and choice of music posts many thanks "Go raibh mait agat"! thats my gaelic tongue coming out "many thanks"

22 March, 2007 22:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you from greece?
i love this band .i have another album from moving hearts that is quite friend kostas arvanitis translated the lyrics for greek edition of their first lp
back in 1981

29 December, 2007 00:33  

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