Saturday, March 17, 2007

Danny Cavanagh "A Place To Be" 2004
(A Tribute to Nick Drake)

Daniel Cavanagh, born October 6 1972, is an English guitarist and singer who formed the British doom metal band Anathema in 1990 with his younger brother Vincent Cavanagh. Danny has several side projects such as Antimatter, whose music has a very similar feel to the more recent works by Anathema, and Leafblade. In 2002 Danny left the band, but changed his mind and rejoined soon thereafter, going on to write almost the entire A Natural Disaster album.

Let's now discuss your solo album "A Place To Be". When and how did you get an idea to record a tribute to Nick Drake? How much has he influenced your music and your songwriting?

Daniel Cavanagh:
I had the idea in 2003 after I had been learning Nick's songs at home. I found his style interesting and relaxing to play and his songs seemed suited to my singing voice. Maybe I was looking for some inner peace and tranquility, after some difficult years, and I found in his songs something peaceful that helped me to go through times. There is a poem on the Nick tribute which hints at this. I don't know how much he has really influenced my songwriting, but I guess there is an influence there somewhere. He used many strange tunings on his guitar, which I have done in the past Anathema releases, and some new ideas take this further, so I suppose Nick had an influence there. There is an honesty and a nakedness to his songs that laid his emotions bare, and I found that a nice parallel, as I have done this throughout our career.

Could you say a few words about the recording process? Who was in the studio with you? How much were the recordings different from the way you work in the studio with Anathema?

Daniel Cavanagh:
The studio sessions were late night sessions here in Liverpool with me and Gavin Attard, the engineer and co-producer. They were relaxed sessions and I enjoyed them. Mostly the songs were recorded live guitar and vocals together, which gives the songs a natural feel to them.

While working on Nick's songs, did you try to get closer to his unique tunings or was your intention to play everything your style? In general, do you think that you had enough creative freedom on this album, given that it's a tribute?

Daniel Cavanagh:
Creative freedom? I don't understand. I guess I just wanted to play the songs in my own way. My voice, my hands. I wasn't trying to re-interpret Nick's stuff, I was just trying to sing it. I wasn't too interested in changing them. I almost could say I recorded this album for myself, and possibly for an old friend. Even though they are not my songs on there, it does feel like my heart is in the performances, as at that time I identified strongly with this material.

Why is the release limited to 1,000 copies? And how many copies will the Russian label Irond print on a license from Strangelight?

Daniel Cavanagh:
The idea to release it as a limited edition seemed good as, although it is a personal recording, people would inevitably want to hear it and I thought it might be a good start for Duncan's label as it is surely going to sell all 1,000 copies. I do not know the answer to the second question. (smiles)

01. Cello Song
02. One Of These Things First
03. Place To Be
04. Road
05. Rider On The Wheel
06. Black Eyed Dog
07. River Man
08. Clothes Of Sand
09. Fly
10. Northern Sky
11. From The Morning


Blogger Last Goodbye said...

I heard this tribute.Danny realy good.Damned good.
I`d like say thanx to Danny.

And Lizardson too,for this upload=)

18 March, 2007 05:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


18 March, 2007 23:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi I'm from Italy, I was just listening to the tribute,( which I bought 2 years ago at an Anathema's gig in Italy), while I discovered this interview. I think it's very good to read what Danny really thinks about the record. Thanks to lizardson!

20 March, 2007 22:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tracklist please!?

Thanks for posting it by the way, great job :)

07 June, 2007 21:38  
Blogger AbsentLover said...

I dont like so much the new anathema but this tribute make me to have the taste of Danny and anathema. doom over the wooooold

24 February, 2010 06:57  

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