Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Bermuda Triangle" 1977

Released as a private pressing on the aptly named Winter Solstice label, Bermuda Triangle who hail from Long Island New York released this gem in the height of Punk...1977. A combination of The Farm Band and Bobby Brown (the solo act from early 1970's California), Wendy Carlos meets Joan Baez the band were made up of a female singer/bassist/female drummer/violinist and a guy who sings and plays the electronic auto harp/organ and piano. The sound is totally lost in time and transports you back to the carefree days of the early seventies and is extremely trippy. You have to check out the wah wah auto harp, the weird percussion and bass, a great listen almost pre-dates the current folktronica scene. This wild album has to be heard and is quite superb from folk to reels to country all bathed in this misty auto harped glory. (Forced Exposure)

Acid Archives:
Ambitious late hippie folkpsych LP with lounge aspects, transcendental female vocals and elaborate keyboard arrangements/production, not bad at all for those into eclectic 1970s sounds. Unexpected covers of Aerosmith and Circus Maximus are a plus while the Moody Blues track could have been left off. Fine originals. Would make a neat double bill with Jade Stone & Luv. The second LP has been described as a less effective dreamy keyboard rock effort. Ex-Roger & Wendy. [PL]

Truly bizarre folk-psych album that's more enjoyable than a lot of "better" records. Two of the first three songs are weird loungy covers of "Nights In White Satin" and Aerosmith's "Dream On," neither of which sound like anything else on the album. For surprise value alone, "Dream On" works the better of the two, since the Moody Blues tune was dangerously close to lounge to begin with. Most of the other songs are full of fiddle-style violin and autoharp, the latter of which is often treated with phasing, flanging and other effects. It feels like the songs are at a normal speed but the backing tracks are sped up. Some of the melodies are pretty speedy too. Spastic, cymbal-heavy drumming adds another layer of intrigue. One song sounds like a twisted take on funk, another like a hoedown. Both the male and female vocals are agreeable and work well in the context of these strange songs. The closing "Wind" (the Circus Maximus song) is another total departure, again not resembling anything else on the album, and sounding uncannily like a Linda Perhacs outtake. This album is kind of a shock on first listen, because at least to these jaded ears it's not often I discover something so original and bizarre. [AM]

01. Nights in White Satin
02. Right Track
03. Dream On
04. Lark in the Morning
05. Free Ride
06. Standing Together
07. Louisiana
08. Night Train
09. Wind


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music!

14 December, 2006 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thnak you for your upload.

15 December, 2006 01:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a surprise! A LOT of fun. I love it - thanks!

16 December, 2006 02:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting...thanks for sharing.
Cheers!! - SCM

17 December, 2006 05:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger, Wendy & Sam are old friends of mine and your review was right on the mark. We played together in the Village in the late 60s & early 70s at Folk City and then for the next 10 years on the college circuit. There was a follow up LP to this one and also a previous LP as Euphoria (with Tom Pacheco & Sharon Alexander) on Heritage.

11 January, 2007 06:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the music and thanks to barry for the info!

13 January, 2007 23:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi from ROGER and WENDY (Bermuda Triangle). We are now at About to rerelease a remastered 1977 BT disc w/bonus track. And soon a LIVE CD "The Missing Tapes". Also on the website is a continuing story ea.monthof that era .A bootleg was released on Radioactive without our OK, but in the end it made it accessable to people around the world, from UK to Belgium to Germany and Japan. We'd love to hear from you. There's a place on our web. ALL OUR BEST

07 March, 2007 10:54  

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