Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Candidate "Nuada" (2002)

Nuada is a novel project that manages to stay away from novelty. Candidate states that the album is a tribute to Paul Giovanni's film score for 1972's The Wickerman, which admittedly I have not seen. Though judging by this album, maybe it's worth a look. Nuada is at its heart a folk album. Folk is often subject to hokiness and uncomfortable harmonizing, but Candidate avoid this because of Joel Morris's warm voice and warmer acoustic playing. A few of the songs sound lifted from a '70s soundtrack ("Tomorrow's Tomorrow" and "Beautiful Birds"), but it is pulled off with nice precision. Morris re-imagines The Wickerman soundtrack as if Nick Drake played it. The intricate yet simple guitar playing and deep vocal, accented by a falsetto, dominate most of the tracks. One thing about folk music is that it can always be a viable form of music when it is done right. It is difficult to get it right. But Candidate hit more than they miss. "Circle of Ash" (some parts of this song reminds me Nick Drake's "Know") is haunted by back-up singing and a mellotron, while "Rain on the Roof" utilizes a banjo and Morris's best performance on the record. Nuada is peppered with songs that will sound equally stellar in 20 years. The record may be dated in its inspiration, but it also has some timeless qualities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like it! As the review says, it's timeless - it could have been recorded thirty years ago - or thirty years in the future. I've been playing the instrumental "Tomorrow's Tomorrow" a lot. Thanks!

28 July, 2006 05:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sounds quite interesting so I am going to give it a listen if the link is still active, thank-you very much for the post. Oh, and please, Lizardson- please, please, please see the Wickerman if you have not done so already (the original, not the blasphemous re-make). I would hate to think of you going without...

29 December, 2006 15:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you know that Gorodisch had done a live soundtrack to the Wicker Man?

I have been looking for a download of it, but I dont think it was released.

The Thurn and Taxis e.p. is very good. It is probably best described as ambient-folk with a jazz drummer *(better than it sounds)If I can find it I will drop you the link.

14 July, 2007 22:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the first tune from the EP.

Lots of other promos here (@64kbps)

Apologies, I have the whole ep, but it's in a box somewhere..

14 July, 2007 23:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This album looks excellent. It's down though... Could you please repost it? I'd love to hear it.

25 February, 2008 06:34  
Blogger sorbus said...

I agree The Wickerman is One of The Film`s to See Before You Die It is as integral a part of British "Folklore as Bob&Carolanne Pegg`s Mr Fox Saga
in fact The Mr Fox Double Album is
Very Close in influence to The "Wickerman" in that both explored the Mysteries of The Morris
Although "Wickerman" is Much Darker
Perhaps Forest`s Output especially
"Full Circle"
I will not give that remake houseroom
Although What I do regard as a True
"Homage" to "Wickerman" is "Arlington Road" Incidentally Christopher Lee Declared "Lord Summerisle" his Favourite Acting Role Lizardson You MUST SEE "The Wickerman" There is A Double DVD Set of The Directors Cut Which I can Personally Recommend

30 August, 2008 01:51  

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