Saturday, November 18, 2006

Jack the Lad "It's Jack the Lad" 1974

Jack The Lad were a folk-rock group from north-east England formed in 1973 by three former members of Lindisfarne - Rod Clements (bass, violin, guitar, vocals), Simon Cowe (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals), and Ray Laidlaw (drums), with Billy Mitchell (guitar, banjo, vocals). They had originally thought of calling themselves The Corvettes, but decided it would make them sound too much like a rock'n'roll revival outfit, and instead took their name from a phrase that Status Quo had used when they and Lindisfarne were touring Australia together earlier that year.

The first line-up of Jack The Lad recorded one album, 'It's Jack The Lad', released in 1974, and two singles, 'One More Dance' (1973), and 'Why Can't I Be Satisfied' (1974). Neither charted, though they received positive reviews for their records and live performances. While Lindisfarne without them had become a harder rocking outfit, Jack The Lad retained much of the folksy spirit, warmth and good humour of the original group. Though his talents had previously been overshadowed by the more prolific songsmith Alan Hull, Clements, who had penned Lindisfarne's first hit single 'Meet Me On The Corner', continued to write most of their material, which in the view of some fans and critics was the equal of anything Lindisfarne produced at around the same time. They also remained more true to their traditional influences, not least by including an 8-minute medley of traditional jigs, reels and polkas on their first album, which staked a claim to their being in part a Geordie answer to Fairport Convention and others of that ilk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


18 November, 2006 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have the final Jack The Lad---I think it is called "JackPot"?


I don't think it has ever been reissued.

thanks for your great posts man!

20 November, 2006 01:20  
Anonymous Sunset Cowboy said...

Jackpot was never re-released on CD as far as I know. Unlike the previous albums, that were all on the Famous Charisma Label, Jackpot was on United Artists, as, if I remember rightly, their record company tossed them out after Rough Diamonds

27 December, 2007 03:45  
Blogger Larry said...

I saw a reformed version of Lindisfarne 4-5 years ago here in Austin that included Clements, Laidlaw and Mitchell -- of course Alan Hull was missed, but still they put on a great show, playing a lot of Lindisfarne material as well as some Jack the Lad songs. When I talked with Billy and Rod during the break, Billy mentioned that they were headed to Ontario, where Simon Cowe was living then, and were looking forward to a complete Jack the Lad reunion, if only for a few tunes. Thanks for posting this classic...!

06 January, 2008 06:38  
Blogger Rob said...

The "Old Straight Track" line-up with the awesome Phil Murray on bass played a college dance when I was a student. They finished up with a version of "I Saw Her Standing There" which raised the roof.

05 July, 2009 10:55  
Anonymous brainiac said...

Hello, thanks for your wonderful blog.
I could not find the link for this album (Jack The lad's first). It was deleted?
Very grateful!

18 October, 2009 04:15  

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