Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Druids "Pastime with Good Company" 1972

Sleeve notes:
This album of Druid music. represents. every source on which the group calls: popular songs. published material, documentary work. modern writers, favourite singers and many impromptu singarounds and instrumental sessions.
Two songs here are common to most clubs in the country.
MARROWBONES and THE WHITE COCKADE never seem to fade in popularity. This version of Marrowbones comes from the late Harry Cox.
TO DRIVE THE COLD WINTER AWAY originated for us as a song from Chappell's 'Popular Music of the Olden Time' as did THREE MERRY MEN OF KENT. THREE JOLLY SPORTSMEN was traced to the E.F.D.S.S. publication 'Marrowbones' after a brief hearing in a Bromyard pub during the 1970 festival.
Work on a B.B.C. radio documentary programme entitled "The Long March of Everyman" provided words for ALL'S DEAR BUT POOR MEN'S LABOUR and THE DIGGER'S SONG. The latter conveniently matched up with the tune usually associated with "Ye jacobite by name" the former needed a new tune.
CONGLETON BEAR was written by Derbyshire folklorist John Tans to an original idea by Peter Coe. THE PICK AND THE MALTSHOVEL was written by Roger Watson shortly after seeing a Nottinghamshire pub of the same.
THE LEAVES OF LIFE and THE IRISH GIRL arrived via several singers of traditional song altho' the tune to the latter is new. The instrumental tracks come from the most enjoyable part of group life – the instrumental sessions in the pub. All the best tunes seen to come out under the influence of alcohol.
We would like to thank Derek Hale for playing the concertina on 'All's Dear But Poor Men's Labour', Derek Pearce for playing the mandolin on 'The Pick and the Maltshovel', the chorus of singers (including the two who probably only came to read the gas meter) and in particular Ron Curtis, for his great help during the recording sessions and for his seemingly endless cups of tea

KEITH KENDRICK: English Concertina, guitar and vocal.
JOHN ADAMS: Accordion, fiddle, bells, vocal.
JUDI LONGDEN: Drum, guitar, recorder, vocal.
MICK HENNESSY: Bass, vocal.
DAVE BROUGHTON: Fiddle, chorus vocal.

Side One:
1. To Drive Cold Winter Away
1. --Father Kelly's Jig
1. --The Rollicking Irishman
2. Congleton Bear
3. Three Merry Men Of Kent
4. All's Dear But Poor Men's Labour
5. Marquis Of Lorne
5. --Locomotive Hornpipe
6. The Digger's Song
7. The Leaves Of Life (The Seven Virgins)

Side Two:
1. Oddjob's Polka
1. --Sally Gardens
2. Three Jolly Sportsmen
3. The Pick And The Maltshovel
4. The Irish Girl
5. The White Cockade
6. Marrowbones
7. Flowers Of Edinburgh
7. --Come Let Us Dance And Sing
7. --Kate Dalrymple

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Blogger newelectricmuse said...

Excellent trad English folk without a trace of psych, rock or any of the other things that sometimes get mixed with folk. Songs with some great ensemble singing, plus some stonking English dance tunes.


05 October, 2006 05:42  
Blogger Ricsi said...

Many thanks fr it great post

10 November, 2007 01:55  
Blogger The Caller said...

This brings back loads of memories. An excellent album that needs to be "rediscovered" in my opinion.

16 November, 2008 01:45  

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